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  • Written demands
  • Telephone demands
  • SMS demands
  • Email demands

Our demand letters inform your debtor of their obligation to pay, the consequences of non-payment within the specified time frame.

We prepare and mail letters of demand on your behalf. Where payment or contact is not made by your debtor within the specified period we will immediately proceed with further recovery action.

Your Debt Recovery Specialist will contact the debtor by phone in order to gain their immediate commitment to pay the account. If the debtor is unable to clear the debt immediately we will establish and manage an instalment plan designed to clear the debt as quickly as possible.

Where demand letters and telephone demands fail to make contact with your debtor, our system is set up to manage two way SMS to increase the likelihood of contact to determine the intention of your debtor.

We can arrange for pre-agreed correspondence to be sent to your debtor as part of the collection workflow. This can assist to quickly communicate the consequences of non-payment.